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Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011
7:34 am
Blog post that might be of interest

I realized I should probably post a link in case anyone is interested. I've taken a break from what I refer to as Teh Project, what's been years of work to create a book, and I decided to blog on one of the key issues. I had some doubts about discussing this, but figured I need to get it out there, see what people have to say, see what interest is, see if anyone can lead me to some good stuff so....

I've blogged on the evidence, or lack there of, regarding Celtic, particularly Gaelic as is my focus, women warriors, historically and archeologically, and gave some of my thoughts on the literary material. So .... Once Upon a Time....

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Wednesday, January 16th, 2008
11:36 am
Amazons Today and Yesterday
I am not sure what you will make of this - but it is surely the most original - and positive - view of Amazon history I have seen for a long time!

The Amazon-Intelligence World-History Timeline
Sunday, November 4th, 2007
1:43 pm
Ugh...a narrow understanding in my view.


I've been working on undertanding and reclaiming my warrior energy as well as maturing the shadow side of it.  This has been a conscious exercise with a professional counselor.  In online reading last night I stumbled on this article. [hypelink above] 

There's so much wrong with the beginning of this article.  There may be a few truisms, but there's a framing of warrior energy that's so negative. There doesn't seem to be any discussion of the "realized warrior", a woman who is clear and focused about what she wants.  There's certainly no honoring the way she shows up in the world and works -- and struggles just like everyone else -- to make evolved choices. I'd be interested in the view of others in the group.  

12:30 am
The Queen vs. The Warrior archetype

The Queen
This is the archetype of leadership and status but also of moral force. The true monarch derives status not from strength and force of will alone but from character, courage, and principled action. 

The Warrior. This is the archetype of discipline (and self-discipline), hierarchy and power. The warrior controls the self, controls others, and is controlled by others.

Hmmm...there is much to reconcile here. 

Friday, November 17th, 2006
12:43 pm
Too funny not to share
The tale of a particularily amusing event that took place at an SCA event this past Saturday. The pictures make it even funnier. Well, for women, anyway.

I am dressed in a traditional Mongolian robe called a del, and shooting a Lajos Kassai Scythian bow. (I am *sure* everyone around here knows who the Scythians were, right?) *smile*

Original Song: The Guess Who: American Woman

Ladies (and Gentlemen?), I give you... Mongolian Woman!Collapse )

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Sunday, August 6th, 2006
12:08 pm
Tha Project Poll again
Okay, hopefully this is the last time! I feel like I've become a spammer. Shit! I think I have!!!

But three's the charm right?

So, one more poll, for anyone here who took part. If you haven't in the others, please join in and go back and do them, they are linked on this too.

Thank you!!!!
Saturday, August 5th, 2006
4:10 pm
just to annoy you all more
Okay, I thought of more questions for the poll I posted last night. So, I hope those who stopped by for the first poll will stop by for this one. If you didn't do the first one, please do that one first. The new one is at http://saigh-allaidh.livejournal.com/176937.html

The first part is at http://saigh-allaidh.livejournal.com/176393.html

thank you!

Same annoying cross-posting
Friday, August 4th, 2006
8:21 pm
A request
I am considering taking up work on a back burnered project on Pagan women warrior training. To further this, I have put up a poll regarding this on my journal saigh_allaidh and invite anyone interested in voicing an opinion to take part. You do not need to be Pagan or female.

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Sunday, November 27th, 2005
11:03 am
Attention all Callisto fans!

Please join the first ever LiveJournal communtiy that is all about Callisto.

Post your favorite pictures, quotes, icons, art, and everything else of the Warrior Queen.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The community is quite new and in need of members. Thank you!

x-posted everywhere

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Saturday, August 27th, 2005
4:55 pm
Hello! I'm Maeve Firith. I'm from Russia. You know I always thought that all women are warriors. I'm glad I'm not alone, so here I'm.

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Wednesday, July 27th, 2005
9:05 am
XENA 10th Anniversary
Hey Everyone the xena 10th anniversary DVD is out and its really Great. Its got some of the best episodes of the xena TV series.This is a wonderful thingf or any Xena fan to have in there collection.Here is some info on it


Xena: 10th Anniversary Collection

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Original Release: 2005
Rated: NR
Length: 720 mins
Genre(s): Action

SKU: DV12875
UPC: 013131287592
SRP: $59.98
Format: DVD


In Sins of the Past she was reborn. In A Friend in Need she was laid to rest. What happened during the years in between is what creates a legend. And it took you, the fans, to create this box-set. You selected the episodes that best documented Xena and Gabrielle’s journeys, their adventures, and their friendship. You showed us what it meant to be Xena fans. So for you, we have developed this ultimate 10th Anniversary Xena Collection.

Xena: 10th Anniversary Collection

Original Full-Frame Presentation

2005 10th Anniversary Xena Convention

Fan Contests: Xena Fanatic Fan submitted video tape on why they are the biggest fan Xena Reenactments – “Fan submitted” reenactments of Xena scenes

Comic Relief First time interview with actor Robert Trevor on his character Salmonius

Xena’s Hong Kong Origins Explore the influence on the style and action of Xena by Hong Kong action movies with the show’s creators Rob Tapert, Liz Friedman, David Pollison and Doug Lefler

Mythology vs. Xena – Alex Tydings and others talk about her Mythological character,Aphrodite in both Xena and Hercules

Seeing Double – Zoe Bell talks about being a female stunt woman and her experiences working on Xena

Extras” A documentary – Explore the life of an extra on the set and at home in New Zealand while working on the production of Xena: Warrior Princess


Davis Panzer

So if you what do you all think of this dvd set and what do you all think about the episodes on the dvd like are they good or woudl you change it and put different ones on there so why not post and let us know

And while you are at it looks at these cool things

Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
7:23 pm
Hello, everyone...I just joined. I'm a fan of women that can kick ass and/or are stong and independent.

A lot of cool women come to mind, but on of my favorites is Queen Zenobia of Palmyra. She was great. Queen of a beautiful, rich city...warrior queen that rode into battle...fought the Romans and defied them...despite being paraded naked though the streets of Rome, she was still strong...
I spent a long time trying to find everything about her...Sadly there wasn't much. Just basic outlines and facts. They say she was a descendent of Kleopatra the 7th--but even more beautiful (pretty cool, I like Kleo too). I just bought a historical (romance) with Zenobia as the main character-- it was one of the only books with her as the subject.

Anyway, I find all the warrior queens interesting, we can all learn something from them.

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Thursday, February 10th, 2005
5:36 pm
Xena Info
The season 6 DVDs are coming out really soon. I'm talking REALLY SOON! In only 33 days, they will be released on the shelves. That's MARCH 15!!! I'm really looking forward to this, because I've been waiting a long time.

The Xena Anthology, up until this point has been a little bit pricey. That $550!!! But I have some good news for those people who were waiting until the price went down to buy. This website has the WHOLE ANTHOLOGY FOR ONLY $199.99!!!! That's nearly $33 a set!!! Don't miss out on this deal!!! FREE SHIPPING AS WELL!!! Check it out!

There is this really cool site that allows you to keep up with the latest XENA NEWS. There are contests and coupons, and lots of really cool stuff. It's Free and Easy. Check it out.

12:20 pm
Ceits Spiritual Side

I was reading a book on Paganism, in particular Celtic Paganism. The book flowed well and gave some interesting examples of how the Celtic Gods and Goddesses come into peoples lives, and how it affected them for the good.

The book went into detail on ritual most of it was good and interesting suggestions. The author I think was a devotee to Bridget and Lugh (two who I hold in high esteem and have invoked in the past.)

Then I came to the God/dess listings. I flipped to The Morrighan , I was shocked and a little outraged at what it said. I dont want to give the name of the book, because overall its a great entry level book into Celtic Paganism and think that for the most part its positive.

The book also talks about how there is no equivalent to the Christian Devil in Paganism. However, when I read the authors description of The Morrighan. I was enraged, because from the description, she embodies the aspect of The Christian Devil. And apparently you should not invoke The Morrighan because she is and extremely Dark and Dangerous Goddess. The author suggested to leave The Morrighan to others (who have already gone down the dark path) and to start worshipingthe light welcoming God Lugh and Goddess Bridget.

No, The Morrighan is not an easy Goddess or a Light Goddess but if a person is called to her they are called to her. Even Lugh and Bridget have their dark sides. Lugh killed his grandfather (even though it was a time of war) Bridget may have had an incestwith her own father (depending on what myth you read) the whole passage seemed to me as a promotion of Paganism as the happy religion alternative, when its not.

I personally dont believe there is a devil because each God and Goddess has light and dark in them. They have the ability to be completely cruel and completely loving. Thats what has always attracted me to Paganism in the first place. I can see a reflection of myself in the Gods.

The Morrgain has helped me out of the dark patches in my life. She has walked side by side with me, fighting the inner struggles of my life. She has whispered good happy thoughts as well as some pretty hard thoughtswhich I needed in my life. She is not a coddling Goddess she tells it how it is and expects attention even if you dont want to give it. The Morrighan has taught me to fight those battles that I needed to fight with pride and honor. She stands with me threw thick and thin, and even when I dont think I need Her.

I just wanted to post this as a way to give thanks to Her and to defend Her even if she is very well capable of doing it herself.

I have cross posted this to
[Bad username: <font face=]mhorrioghain">
Wednesday, January 12th, 2005
8:36 pm
Hello again :)

I was wondering, since this is a group about warrior women, if anyone might know anything about or know where I could find anything on Nieh Yin-niang. She is basically an ancient Chinese, female version of Robin Hood. I know she was supposed to have lived around the year 700 and that she was trained in the sword by a Nun but that's about it. I can't find anything at the local or university libraries and I haven't found more than 4 links for her on google and only one of them actually mentioned her on the actual site.

I know for the most part this group is oriented toward Celtic women and that's great (that's my favourite area anyways) but I thought maybe someone might know something or at least have an idea of somewhere else I could look because once in a while I find I overlook the smallest thing that would have lead me straight to what I was after. If I find anything else on her I'll post it here, but right now it looks like that tiny little bit might be all anyone knows :s I hope someone has an idea for me! :) And thanks in advance :)
Monday, January 10th, 2005
9:58 pm
A hello
I just joined the group over the weekend and thought that I would post a hello before I made any interesting posts :p Um, aside from that I think this would be a great group if people posted a bit more :p
Anyways, this is basically my area of specialty at University so I was pretty happy when I saw a group dealing with the subject. I guess that's it for now, I just wanted to say hi :)
Monday, November 22nd, 2004
11:23 am
Hey - introductory post. I'm Talie, a musician, writer & hot-headed brunette in Australia. I have always been in love with warrior women archetypes, it is the credo of my heart - & I love the popular culture elements as well. Cool to see a community of like-minded ones.

Here's one of my film reviews, just for fun...


You don’t go to a historical fantasy film, and complain it isn’t Shakespeare. You’d as well go to an Iron Maiden concert, & complain they aren’t the London Philharmonic. You know what you’re getting from the poster for Antoine Fuqua’s ‘King Arthur’ – two swords for every man, and arguably the best leather boob-tube ever – so don’t complain. As a love-triangle story, this falls down. Arthur (Clive Owen), and Lancelot (Ian Gruffudd), don’t have a chance to rival for the heart of the Queen. (Lancelot barely gets a chaste glance.) Their relationship is conflicted over notions of service and spirituality, one area where the actors struggle with some very ordinary dialogue. Fortunately, there isn’t so much of it.

As divine as Guinevere (Kiera Knightly) is in her Pictish accouterments, ‘King Arthur’ suffers the same flaw of oversimplification that made ‘Troy’ difficult to enjoy (the conspicuous absence of Trojan Oracle Cassandra and Amazon Penthesilea.) Screenwriter David Franzoni (Gladiator) has written out or combined into a single amalgam, all the female characters – Elaine, the Lady of the Lake, Isolde, Morgan La Fey. Notably Guinevere has taken over the ‘King-making’ tribal duties traditionally attributed to Morgan La Fey. So Arthur does not sleep with his sister… nice for the PG-13 rating.

Villains appear on all sides, and with varying degrees of despicableness. Roman villains are the-devil-you-know, but the real adversary is the hoary Saxon chieftain, Cerdic (Stellan Skarsgard), who sports an annoyingly American inflection to his Swedish accent, which actually disrupted suspense of disbelief at times. Cerdic's frustrated son, the icily Teutonic Cynric (Til Schweiger, with his sexy plaited beard), leads the Saxons against eight lone (ethnically diverse!) Briton warriors, in the best battle scene in the film.

While Guinevere is the most gorgeous creature on screen, there are also lots of perve-worthy ancient warriors. Tristan (Mads Mikkelsen) looks fantastic with facial tattoos and is the most enigmatic and tribal of the Knights, and Gawain (Joel Edgerton) makes rather an attractive scruffy-bearded barbarian. Comedic relief is provided by the bawdy Bors (Ray Winstone.)

There are touches of spiritualism and totemism in this version, minimalized, and masculinized. The film is diminished by not allowing space for the symbolism of the dream world in Celtic cultures. It isn’t overly suspenseful – it doesn’t need to be. The epic battle scenes, and the majestic Irish locations, provide atmosphere enough to carry the simple narrative – and Hans Zimmer provides lashings of heroic intervals with an orchestral score.

‘King Arthur’ deals awkwardly with the brutalities and effective slavery of the feudal system. The notion of freedom Guinevere espouses to Arthur is unlikely – the Picts themselves took slaves. As a re-telling of a rightly enduring romantic myth, I don’t think the director should have felt compelled to present the work as more than that. It is coloured with historic details, but it isn’t a re-enactment. The notion of an indigenous population struggling for a united Briton, including the region north of Hadrian’s Wall (Scotland), is not consistent with the vigorous in-fighting occurring even between the Pictish Clans of Alba. Certainly, the Saxons actually did overrun the Britons after the Roman Empire retreated.

But never mind all that – never let facts get in the way of romance. The world still needs its mythic heroes, and legends demand re-telling. This isn’t the definitive King Arthur film, there will never BE a definitive King Arthur film - but if you already love the legend, I don’t have to tell you: don’t miss this (for the clothes!!)

© Talie Hélène 2004. All Rights Reserved.

Contact the Reviewer: doomprincess_at_darksites.com
PO BOX 6036, Vermont South 3133, AUSTRALIA
Sunday, November 21st, 2004
12:11 pm
Anyone want to moderate?
I haven't been able to get here much in, well, a real long time. And that's not changing soon...so does anyone want to co-moderate in case there is a need and I can't get to it? Applications are being accepted...I'd prefer someone who can demonstrate that they are responsible and maybe who runs another community and so knows how to do it and what needs to be done and won't you know, just ditch this or
something. So let me know here.

Uh...of course, it might be awhle before I get to check the "applications" and do something about it. So everyoen be good! :D
Saturday, September 11th, 2004
10:03 pm
This is a great idea for a community:) Both fun and offering positive female images. I enjoy the Xena TV series. And I thought the docu-drama about Boudica that was first shown last year in the UK with Alex Kingston as Boudica was very powerful. There is also a series of historical novels about being written about Boudica by Manda Scott. I've read "Dreaming the Eagle" and "Dreaming the Bull". There is a deal of literary license taken, but then little about Boudica's life was recorded ...

Catch you later
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