Caelia (caelia_nythis) wrote in warrior_queens,

A hello

I just joined the group over the weekend and thought that I would post a hello before I made any interesting posts :p Um, aside from that I think this would be a great group if people posted a bit more :p
Anyways, this is basically my area of specialty at University so I was pretty happy when I saw a group dealing with the subject. I guess that's it for now, I just wanted to say hi :)
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Just thought I would say welcome to the group and am looking forward to seeing some of your....'interesting' posts.
lol, maybe that came out wrong. I wasn't trying to sound arrogant. I just meant that my intro post was boring... not that everything else I have to so would be so fabulously interesting... But thank you for the welcome :)
Didn't think you were trying to sound arrogant.....:)
And still looking forward to your perhaps not so fabulously interesting
lol, ok then! I guess I'll have to try and think of something to post now then :p
When you say this is your area of speciality, are you speaking from the perspective of a historian, a folklorist, a literature specialist?

What specifically have you studied? What is your opinion on various sources? Which warrior queens intrigue or fascinate or inspire you the most? Which myths are you dying to lay to rest?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Well, my undergrad. majors are history and English although my career choice is archaeology, which I will be going to grad. school for after my husband and I move to England. Eventually the outcome should be to teach a feminist history/archaeology class at the university level. I have a fair background in mythology, anthropology and religion to go with those, among other things.

What I have most recently been working on in my studies covers the roles of women in, mainly, pre Christian Europe though I have touched on the Middle and Far East somewhat. I have also been working on Arthurian era history, rather than the horrible myths. But that area is rather a pain and would require much more explanation than I can put here or think too clearly on at the moment (sorry, but it's past my bed time :p ).

As for various sources... do you mean source types or specific people?

Honestly at this precise moment I don't have one or even a few women who fascinate or inspire me the most, there are far too many and I am always finding more.

However, at the moment I am trying to find something decent on Nieh Yin-niang. But there are Tons of others who interest me :)

Good enouh?