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Hello, everyone...I just joined. I'm a fan of women that can kick ass and/or are stong and independent.

A lot of cool women come to mind, but on of my favorites is Queen Zenobia of Palmyra. She was great. Queen of a beautiful, rich city...warrior queen that rode into battle...fought the Romans and defied them...despite being paraded naked though the streets of Rome, she was still strong...
I spent a long time trying to find everything about her...Sadly there wasn't much. Just basic outlines and facts. They say she was a descendent of Kleopatra the 7th--but even more beautiful (pretty cool, I like Kleo too). I just bought a historical (romance) with Zenobia as the main character-- it was one of the only books with her as the subject.

Anyway, I find all the warrior queens interesting, we can all learn something from them.
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