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Warrior Queens

And Other Chicks Who Kick Butt

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This is a community to discuss ancient legends of warrior women as well as modern depictions of ancient warrior queens (such as the various ones coming up of Boudicca along with the PBS one of her, and Guinevere as a warrior in the upcoming King Arthur movie. Also such figures in novels and TV series such as Xena.)

Real legend, historical or modern fiction, as long as they are set in ancient times. This is not a place to talk about modernistic or futuristic warrior women in movies. This is also not a place to come to bitch about how you hate the idea of Guenivere being a warrior, all the Arthur communities seem to be good places for that. Historical accuracy can be discussed but please remember that we can also enjoy these images without them being totally historically accurate. This is about inspiration and FUN!

Please discuss figures from any culture, as we'd all love to hear of warrior queens in your favorite cultures.