Caelia (caelia_nythis) wrote in warrior_queens,


Hello again :)

I was wondering, since this is a group about warrior women, if anyone might know anything about or know where I could find anything on Nieh Yin-niang. She is basically an ancient Chinese, female version of Robin Hood. I know she was supposed to have lived around the year 700 and that she was trained in the sword by a Nun but that's about it. I can't find anything at the local or university libraries and I haven't found more than 4 links for her on google and only one of them actually mentioned her on the actual site.

I know for the most part this group is oriented toward Celtic women and that's great (that's my favourite area anyways) but I thought maybe someone might know something or at least have an idea of somewhere else I could look because once in a while I find I overlook the smallest thing that would have lead me straight to what I was after. If I find anything else on her I'll post it here, but right now it looks like that tiny little bit might be all anyone knows :s I hope someone has an idea for me! :) And thanks in advance :)
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